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Thank you for trusting Blaq Lyte Tattoos to do your Tattoo. The key to keeping your tattoo looking good for the life of your tattoo is follow good aftercare guidelines. The following is some aftercare instructions that we recommend to follow after getting your tattoo:


1. Once you remove your bandage (3 hours later regular bandage/ 3 days if wrapped with second skin) wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial, non scented soap. Do not use a wash cloth when washing it for two weeks as it may be rough on the tattoo.


2. Pat it dry with a towel then apply a light coating of aquaphor or aquatat (either one would work fine.) Apply as needed but be mindful of not to apply to much on your tattoo. Do this process for the next two weeks.


3.After 2 weeks switch from Aquaphor/Aquatat to unscented lotion (like a lubriderm, vasaline intensive care lotion, etc.) use as needed for the next two/ three weeks.




*  Do not re-bandage after taking of the second skin


*  Always wash your hand before touching your tattoo. Do not us washcloth or anything        abrasive on the tattoo as stated previously.


*  Do not pick or scratch your tattoo.


*  Avoid hot tubs, public pools and ocean during the healing process.


*  Do not soak your tattoo with water while in the shower.


*  Avoid any direct sunlight for the duration of the healing process.


*  Do not wear tight fitted clothing during the healing process of the tattoo. (about 1            month after getting tattooed.


Once Tattoo leaves the shop customer is responsible for the healing and aftercare of the tattoo. Blaq Lyte Tattoo is not responsible or liable for any allergic or adverse reaction due to aftercare or tattoo ink reaction as stated in the waiver form.


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